Keyser Self-Defense
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An attack can happen to anyone, anyplace, and anytime!

The following stats (based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that violent crimes can affect anyone at anytime regardless of where they live or work. These crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, carjacking, rape, and murder.


~ a woman is raped every 46 seconds in America (78 rapes per hour)


~ 25% of girls and 17% of boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they          are 18 years old


~ 14% of all American women acknowledge having been violently abused by a husband or boyfriend


~ 28% of all homicides of women are domestic violence related


Keyser Self Defense offers a program designed to educate and prepare women to defend themselves in many situations. Our program is based on a combination of Asian martial arts and police defensive tactics and has been refined for over 20 years.
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